Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bus Ride Fail

Over the past week, Daddy Land has been urging me to visit this funny website. Yesterday, I did and was not disappointed. FAILBlog runs the gamut in terms of funny content, but I like to stick to the G-rated stuff. There is also a parenting fail category that always makes me feel better about my own futile attempts at being the perfect mom. :) The video I found is appropriate for all of us that have children starting school this week. I even showed it to Ms. M as an example of what not to do on her bus ride home! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mama's Night Out

So, last night I had the privilege of a night out with an old friend. However, times have changed since high school and college when we were busy giving our parents a run for their money. Both of us are now married moms with quite a bit different priorities than when we were young. Our night out was tame compared to some experiences we have shared, but very fun, nonetheless. Here is he gist...

You know you're a Mama when...

you get giddy when the waiter asks for your ID after you order a beer with dinner.

you go straight into Gymboree for post-dinner shopping.

you sit in the car at the far end of the parking lot while one of you pumps and the other calls to check on the kids.

you stare in aw at the pretty waitress at the bar that is wearing some sort of one-piece, spandex leotard. (didn't know grade school dance attire was in? guess I should have borrowed something from Ms. M's closet)

you don't recognize any of the music that is playing. OK...maybe I did, but she didn't. ;)

you sit and reminisce/cringe about the trouble you used to get into and how your own daughters will pay you back.

you wake up in the morning, ready to do it again ummmm, next year?

Thanks Ms. J for a fabulous "night on the town!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is It Just Me?

So...I am cruising down the freeway in my husband's Ford Focus (nice, right?) after my crossfit class, getting ready to run into the outlet mall to pick up a shirt I saw on sale. Kids are home with a great new babysitter and I feel free for the moment. I have the radio turned up, having a good morning and I hear it. It is the same song I have been hearing for the past few weeks on every radio station around. I cannot pinpoint why, exactly, it makes me cringe. But it does and it shouldn't, considering I have two kiddos. Maybe it is just an annoying song or maybe it is the simple fact that I couldn't do it. I have absolutely nothing against what this song is advocating for. I think it is a beautiful, wonderful, healthy thing if you can do it. Not a big fan of having it shoved in my face all the time, but that deserves a whole different post. And according to this song, my baby girls and I are screwed. Have you heard this song, too? Let me know your opinion. Is it just me that doesn't care for this song?