Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Poopy Post...

Ms. K: (standing on her tippy toes, looking into the mirror) Poop makes me taller.

Me: Really?

Ms. K: Yup.

Me: Yes, you are my big girl...

I guess I should start by explaining that we had a breakthrough last week. Ms. K, just like her big sister Ms. M, had a problem pooping in the potty. Ms. M would poop in her underwear in the beginning before she would even sit on the potty. Thank goodness it didn't get that far this time around... Nevertheless, it has taken a while for Ms. K to figure it out and be comfortable with it all. Last week, after sitting in the bathroom for about an hour and encouraging her to be a big girl and poop in the potty, she did it! I can only assume that is the reason she thinks poop makes her taller. Hey, whatever works...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Is Obama After Our Kids? - His Speech To Schoolchildren

OK, seriously people. Chill out. On Tuesday, as most of you already know, President Obama is set to give a speech to our school children about taking responsibility for their success in school. And now the GOP is making an ass of themselves. Again.

Now, I did not vote for Obama and disagree with A LOT of his policies. But, do I think he is going to be pushing his "socialist ideology" on our kids? Um, no. And if he is, then I will have the chance to read the transcript of the speech beforehand and opt out of the whole thing. (Actually, I don't think Texas schools will even be showing it) Anyhow, don't you think this is just a case of the current leader of our country sending words of encouragement to our children to study hard and stay in school? Most of Obama's predecessors did the same. And actually, while it was not during a speech in school, George W. Bush encouraged American children to send money to children in Afghanistan during a press conference shortly after 9/ about pushing agendas? Since I did not have children in 2001 (and really could care less about politics at the time), I do not remember what the Dems had to say about that. I am sure they weren't very nice.

I do have to say that I am glad to see that the letter-writing assignment regarding how the children can help President Obama was taken out. That just seems....weird to me. They should be asking themselves how they can help others, not just our President. And I would like to see the other assignments that are to go along with the speech, just as I do all of my kid's assignments.

The bottom line is that this is another attempt by the current political parties at polarizing politics. Each side continues to try to claw their way to the top. And there are the unfortunate groups of diehards that fall for the rhetoric on both sides and fuel the media fire. They just nod their head in unison with whomever their leader is and spout off what they saw on FoxNews or whatever other channel they watch. What they are going to end up with is a very small number of followers on each side because everyone else is just annoyed, if we don't kill each other first. I am hoping for a new movement away from these two parties, Libertarian perhaps? :)

So, what do you think about Obama's speech to our kiddos? Don't be don't have to agree with me!