Monday, May 4, 2009

Wildflower Center

I took the girls to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center today. It was pretty eventful for a Monday morning! Next weekend we are going camping with another family and this gave me some insight as to how the girls are going to react to all the creepy crawly things that lurk in the woods! We saw a lot of birds, butterflies, wildflowers, one BIG black beetle, something else BIG that ran away from us through the bushes, and a grand total of 6 snakes (one of which was enormous...I am glad we weren't close!)

Here is Ms. M's reaction:

Here is a sweet picture of the girls on our "nature hike."

Here is another one of them sitting in the wildflowers.

Checkin out the tadpoles.

"Look mom! A rock!" (OMG, I can't believe there is a rock out here!)

Here is Ms. M scaring me to death...again.

And finally, I caught one of those snakes poking it's head up behind a rock. Can you see it? Yuck! do I explain to my girly girls that this is just a warm up to tent camping?

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