Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Capture: Joy

So, I stumbled upon this cool blog the other day: I Should Be Folding Laundry. Every week a new photo challenge is posted. This week's theme is Joy!

Here is the first picture I thought of! It is an old one of Ms. M when she was a baby.

Here is another right after Ms. M's birth.

Here is one of her enjoying the great outdoors at Pedernales Falls.

Here is Ms. K laughing at the animals from a petting zoo at school.

Here is Ms. K and Daddy Land at the lake last year.

I am so blessed to have these little creatures that bring me so much joy! Sometimes I need to remind myself of that when the days get tough.

For more JOYful pics visit HERE.


  1. I love the pictures. Great job capturing the emotion!

  2. You DO look joyous after giving birth. Radiant!!


  3. i love that first shot! what a happy, joyful baby Ms. M is! and the petting zoo shot is my next favorite - such a beautiful family you have! thanks for sharing and joining in on the fun!

    my 'joy' shots are posted now, too. feel free to visit me at The Shadow of the Cross to check them out :O)

  4. Beautiful JOYFUL picts!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)