Monday, April 27, 2009

Texas Round-Up

Over the weekend, Ms. M ran in her first ever race! The Texas Round-Up family mile! We started off with a full 30 second sprint. Then a little break...then a sprint...then a break...then another sprint to the finish line! It wasn't really a mile, more like a quarter mile. But we had fun and I am so proud of her! Now we just need to work on endurance...

Here is a picture of Ms. M and Ms. K enjoying a post race bagel and power aide. (They also handed out Cheetos at the finish line. Must have been hurting for sponsors considering this was part of the Texas health and fitness initiative...)


  1. Hi, I saw your posting on how you attended the Texas Round-Up race last weekend and thought you might be interested in this information. All Texas residents have the opportunity for online exercise options for pennies this Friday with a health initiative called "Make Texas Fit Day". It's in confunction with Texas Round-Up. Check out the details at Please feel free to share this information with your friends.

  2. Oh thanks! What a deal. I especially like the kid's workouts. We may just have to do this!