Friday, April 17, 2009

girl at the gym

Scene: Me getting ready to do my Crossfit workout at Gold's (blech, I would rather be at another gym instead of the meat market). I am getting myself situated at the squat rack and loading the weight.

Gym guy: Do you have any interest in this machine here? (pointing to the smith machine, he looks at me with genuine concern)

Me: No, thanks.

Gym guy: Are you sure? I am almost done here? (again, the concerned look)

Me: No, thanks.

Man that annoys me! Just because I am a girl, I can't be trusted with the squat rack. I need the smith machine so I don't hurt myself...

Check out this Crossfit video for some of the workouts. I apologize for some of the language in the song...but it is a good video.

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